Research : FORE Center

FORE Center

The Functional Outcomes Research Evaluation (F.O.R.E.) Center is a unique combination of the Physical Therapy and Music Engineering and Technology departments. The two programs have since collaborated to conduct research which will improve the lives of amputees, athletes, and those recovering from injuries. Dr. Christopher Bennett and Dr. Vibhor Agrawal also lead the research conducted in the lab. Dr. Bennett has experience in Music Engineering, Psychoacoustics, and Biomedical Engineering and Dr. Agrawal has experience in Biomedical Engineering, especially relating to prosthetics. The lab has joined Össur, an Icelandic orthopedic company which manufacturers non-invasive prosthetics, to conduct their research using Össur prosthetics. The Össur study is one of six research projects presently under way at the University’s Functional Outcomes Research and Evaluation (F.O.R.E.) Center on the Coral Gables campus, including a study funded by the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation on how the cacophony of hospital alarms and monitoring devices affects stress levels in both patients and clinicians. This study continues the postdoc work of Christopher Bennett, B.S.E.E. ’05, M.S.M.E.T. ’07, Ph.D. ’10, Frost School research assistant professor and jazz pianist. Click here for more information.