Research Initiatives

What research/publishing opportunities are available?

As with any graduate program, research and publishing opportunities are important elements that distinguish graduate education from undergraduate education. Many physical therapy programs do not emphasize research opportunities for Entry level PT students, believing that it is not an element of initial preparation into the profession

At the University of Miami, we firmly believe in the value of research and participation in that research by our entry level students. We believe that clinical research is vital to our profession, and that well-prepared clinical researchers can significantly add to the body of evidence for our discipline. All of our students participate in a faculty-driven research project as part of their education. It is a fact since 1988, more than 50% of every graduating class has presented their research papers at the Annual Conference and Exposition of the APTA. More than 35% of our graduates have at least one publication in a peer reviewed journal.

Are the professors working on the forefront of new research?

In order to ensure that you are learning up-to-date and current information, it is important that faculty are actively engaged in scholarly activities and research. In this changing health care arena with technological advances at a steady pace, keeping up with research and related knowledge is paramount for the practicing clinician and the faculty. At the University of Miami, faculty are actively engaged in many innovative and cutting edge research endeavors.