Faculty and Staff : Full-Time Faculty

Lawrence P. Cahalin, PhD, PT, Board Certified Cardiopulmonary Clinical Specialist

Primary Appointment
Department of Physical Therapy, Miller School of Medicine, Clinical Professor

PhD, Gerontology (2010) University of Massachusetts Boston;
MA in Physical Therapy (1992), University of Iowa; PT
BS in Physical Therapy (1982), Saint Louis University

Editorial Board Member of Physiotherapy Theory and Practice – An International Journal of Physical Therapy,
Editorial Board Member of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association
Editorial Board Member of Frontiers in Physiology Journal.

2014 Fellow, American Heart Association
2012 Linda Crane Lectureship, American Physical Therapy Association
2009 Greene Memorial Lecturer, Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts
2007 Irma S. Ruebling Saint Louis University Distinguished Speaker, Saint Louis, Missouri

Clinical Focus
Dr. Cahalin is Board Certified in Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. He has 33 years of clinical experience in physical therapy. His clinical practice has focused on independent exercise testing, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, physical therapy for patients with end-stage heart and lung disease before and after heart or lung transplantation, and breathing retraining.

Research Focus
Dr. Cahalin has an interest and expertise in exercise testing, exercise training, and assessment of functional capacity. He also has a strong interest and expertise in the testing and training of the respiratory muscles in both healthy subjects and patients with heart and lung disease. His training in both physical therapy and gerontology has provided him with clinical and research skills to better appreciate and understand the effects of aging in older adults with and without heart and lung disease. He is particularly interested in understanding and implementing methods to promote favorable health behaviors in adults. Much of his work has examined the dynamic interaction between the cardiac and pulmonary systems at rest and during exercise with the goal of improving diagnoses, functional performance, and quality of life. He has made significant contributions to science and clinical research addressing (1) the safety of exercise testing, (2) the clinical utility of the 6-minute walk test in heart failure and end-stage lung disease, (3) inspiratory muscle testing and training in heart failure, (4) the clinical utility of heart rate recovery during maximal and submaximal exercise, and (5) promoting the development and implementation of worksite health and wellness programs as vehicles to prevent non-communicable disease and provide cardiac rehabilitation.

Selected Publications:
Peres Costa I, Fernandes Silva MG, Santos Alves VLD, Aletti F, Stirbulov R, Costa
D, Cahalin LP, Arena R, Sampaio LMM. Reliability of the shuttle walk test with controlled incremental velocity in patients with difficult-to-control asthma. J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev (in press).

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Wong ML, Anderson RG, Garcia K, Housmann EM, McHale E, Goldberger GS, Cahalin LP. The effect of inspiratory muscle training on respiratory variables in a patient with ankylosing spondylitis: A case report. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice (in press).

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Guazzi M, Arena R, Pellegrino M, Bandera F, Generati G, Labate V, Alfonzetti E, Villani S, Gaeta MM, Halle M, Haslbauer R, Phillips SA, Cahalin LP. Prevalence and Characterization of Exercise Oscillatory Ventilation in Apparently Healthy Individuals at Variable Risk for Cardiovascular Disease: a Subanalysis of the EURO-EX Trial. Eur J Prev Cardiol 2015, Apr 13. pii: 2047487315580445. [Epub ahead of print].

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Cahalin LP, Blessey RL, Kummer D, Simard M: The safety of exercise testing performed independently by physical therapists. J. Cardiopul Rehabil 7:269-276, 1987.

Courses Taught:
PTS 671: Therapeutic Physiology (DPT: Primary Instructor)
PTS 775: Clinical Decision Making II (DPT: Co-Instructor)
PTS 744: Integrated Sports and Leisure (DPT: Co-Instructor)
PTS 799: Research Practicum (PhD: Primary Instructor)