Faculty and Staff : Full-Time Faculty

Ira M. Fiebert, PhD, PT

Primary Appointment:
Department of Physical Therapy, Miller School of Medicine, Associate Professor

PhD Educational Administration (1981), Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

MS Physical Therapy (1976), Long Island University, New York, NY

BS Physical Therapy (1974), Hunter College, New York, NY

Selected Publications:
Hunt SE, Roach KE, Fiebert IM, Champney TH, Brekke C, Chambers EN, Gray M, Jackson-Ricketts D., Pavuk L, Pohl J. Does National Team Membership Confer Protection from Low Back Pain in Hiking Olympic Class Sailors. (abstract) –poster. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2017;47(1):A162–A226. doi:10.2519/jospt.2017.47.1.A162.

Hunt SE, Fiebert I, Roach KE, Barnowich C, Galmarini. Conditioning-Related Protective Factors for Low Back Pain in Hiking Olympic Class Sailors.(abstract) –poster. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2016;46(1):A158–A208. doi:10.2519/jospt.2016.46.1.A158

Hunt SE, Fiebert, Roach KE, Brekke C, Chambers EN, Gray M, Jackson-Ricketts D., Pavuk L, Pohl J. Risk Factors for Low Back Pain in Hiking Olympic Class Sailors.(Abstract)-platform. J of Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2016;46(1):A29–A57.10.2519/jospt.2016.46.1.A29

Kistner F, Fiebert I, Roach K, Moore J. Postural Compensations and Subjective Complaints Due to Backpack Loads and Wear Time in Schoolchildren Aged 8 to 11. Pediatric Physical Therapy 2013; 15-24.

Kistner F, Fiebert I, Roach K. Effect of backpack load carriage on cervical posture in primary schoolchildren. 2012 Work 41(1):99-108.

Michele A. Raya, Robert S. Gailey, Ira M. Fiebert, and Kathyrn Roach. Impairment variables predicting activity limitation in individuals with lower limb amputation. Prosthetics and Orthotics International. March 2010; 34(1): 73-84

Kolber MJ, Beekhuizen K, Cheng MS, Fiebert IM. The reliability of hand-held dynamometry in measuring isometric strength of the shoulder internal and external rotator musculature using a stabilization device. Physiother Theory Pract. 23 (2): 119-24, 2007 Mar-Apr

Kolber MJ, Fiebert IM. Addressing Flexibility of the Rectus Femoris in the Athlete with Low Back Pain. Strength and Conditioning Journal 27: 5; 66-73, Oct. 2005

Fiebert IM, Roach KE, Cho P, Feigenbaum L, Fong T, Hamer A. The effects of antigravity unsupervised home cervical muscle strengthening protocol on cervical strength in healthy young adults. J Back Musculoskel Rehab 17:41-49, 2004.

Fiebert, IM, Maguire. An overview of functional progressions in the rehabilitation of patients with cervical dysfunction. J Back Musculoskel Rehab 13:59-73, 1999.

Fiebert IM, Roach KE, Yang SS, Dierking LD, Hart FE. Cervical range of motion and strength during resting and neutral head postures in healthy young adults. J Back Musculoskel Rehab 12 (3), 1999.

Fiebert, I, Roach KE, Haughie LJ. Relationship of forward head posture and cervical backward bending to neck pain. Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy 3 (3): 91-97, Fall 1995

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Fiebert I, Keller C. Are “passive” extension exercises really passive? JOSPT 19(2): 111-116, 1994

Courses Taught:
PTS 605: Private Practice Administration
PTS 629: Management of the Spine I
PTS 729: Management of the Spine II
PTS 777: Instructional Methodology PhD